TriCity Print Media revolutionizes the world of pen printing through our screen printing services, employing one of the most prevalent and effective methods in the industry. Dive into the realm of vibrant designs, efficient processes, and durable prints that leave a lasting mark.

Screen Printing Unveiled:

Screen printing on pens involves utilizing a squeegee to press color through a fine, stretched mesh onto the pen’s surface. The creation of a film with the print design allows for precise color transfer, ensuring that only the desired elements are imprinted. Similar to pad printing, screen printing can be executed in up to four colors, with each ink requiring a separate mesh.

One of the notable advantages of screen printing lies in its short drying time and the robustness of the resulting print. This method stands out for its capability to cover almost the entire pen, leveraging the shape of the pen for maximum design impact. Well-suited for high-volume printing, screen printing becomes a powerful tool for businesses, events, and promotional campaigns.

Considerations for Optimal Results:

A key consideration in both pad and screen printing is the potential need for a white subsurface or multiple layers of color to achieve optimal coverage. This becomes particularly crucial when dealing with light inks on dark surfaces, as the absence of a white base may alter the color appearance. TriCity Print Media pays meticulous attention to such details, ensuring that the final prints meet the highest standards of color accuracy and coverage.

Advantages of TriCity Print Media's Pen Printing Services:

  • Efficient Screen Printing: Experience efficiency with short drying times, making our pen printing services ideal for high-volume orders.
  • Maximum Design Coverage: Harness the power of screen printing to cover almost the entire pen, turning each pen into a promotional canvas.
  • Vibrant and Durable Prints: Enjoy the vibrancy and durability of prints that withstand regular use, ensuring a long-lasting promotional impact.
  • Versatility in Color Options: Screen printing allows for up to four colors, providing flexibility in creating eye-catching and visually appealing designs.

Why Choose TriCity Print Media for Pen Printing:

Professional Excellence: TriCity Print Media is committed to delivering professional excellence, ensuring that your personalized pens make a memorable impact.

Customization Mastery: With expertise in customization, we bring your visions to life, creating personalized pens that align seamlessly with your brand.

Timely Delivery: We understand the significance of timely delivery. Our streamlined processes guarantee that your customized pen orders are ready when you need them.

Transform pens into promotional powerhouses and make a lasting impression with personalized designs.

At TriCity Print Media, we believe in turning everyday items into promotional gems. Contact us today to discuss your pen printing requirements and witness the magic of personalized pens that captivate and promote.

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